Stainless Rectangular Tubing

Stainless Rectangular Tubing

stainless rectangular tubing Introduction of stainless steel rectangular tubing Stainless steel rectangular tube is a hollow strip of steel, a large number of tubinglines used to transport fluids, such as oil, gas, water, gas, steam, etc., in addition, in the bending, torsional strength of the...
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Introduction of Stainless Steel Rectangular Tubing

Stainless steel rectangular tube is a hollow strip of steel, a large number of tubinglines used to transport fluids, such as oil, gas, water, gas, steam, etc., in addition, in the bending, torsional strength of the same time, the weight is lighter, it is also widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures. Also used for the production of various conventional weapons, barrels, shells and so on. The variety of stainless steel tubing, the use of different, its technical requirements are different, production methods are also different. At present, the diameter of steel tubing is 0.1-4500mm, wall thickness range 0.01~250mm. In order to distinguish the characteristics, the steel tubing is usually classified according to the following methods.


Classification by Mode of Production

Stainless steel tube According to the production mode is divided into seamless tubing and welded tubing two categories, seamless steel tube can be divided into hot-rolled tubing, cold-rolled tubing, cold-drawn tubing and extruded tubing, cold drawn, cold-rolled is the steel tubing two times processing, welded tubing is divided into straight seam welded tubing and spiral welded tubing.

Classification by Sectional Shape

The stainless steel tube according to the cross-section shape may divide into the round tube and the abnormity tube. The special-shaped tube has rectangular tube, rhombic tube, oval tube, six square tube, octagon tube and all kinds of asymmetrical tubing. Profiled tubings are widely used in various structural parts, tools and mechanical parts.   Compared with the round tube, the special-shaped tube has a larger inertia moment and section modulus, has a larger bending, torsional ability, can greatly reduce the structure weight, saving steel. Stainless steel tube According to profile shape can be divided into equal-section tubing and variable cross-section tube. Tapered tubing, ladder-shaped tube and periodic section tubing are the variable cross-section tubes.

Sort by Material

The stainless steel tube is divided into ordinary carbon steel tubing, high quality carbonaceous structure steel tubing, alloy structure tubing, alloy steel tubing, bearing steel tubing, stainless steel tube and bimetal compound tubing, coating and coating tubing to save precious metal and meet special requirements.

Sort by Tube End Shape

Stainless steel tubing According to the end of the tube can be divided into light tubing and car wire tubing (with threaded steel tubing). The wire tube can be divided into common car wire tubing (conveying water, gas and other low-voltage tubing, the use of ordinary cylindrical or conical tubing thread connection) and special threaded tubing (oil, geological drilling tubing, for the important wire tubing, the use of special thread connection), for some special tubing, to make up for the thread on the tube end strength, The tube ends are thickened (thickened, externally thickened or thickened inside and outside) before the wire is usually used.


GA-American Thickness Corresponds to GB Thickness











How to Distinguish Stainless Steel Rectangular Tube 

At present, the corrosion resistance of materials at the international level is divided into three categories at annual rate, the first type is completely corrosion-resistant, and its etching rate is less than 0.1mm/years, high-quality stainless steel belongs to this type of material, the second type is still corrosion resistance, its corrosion rate is 0.1-1.0mm/year, belongs to the general stainless steel; the third type is not corrosion Its corrosion rate is greater than 1.0mm per year. 

The discovery of counterfeit stainless steel products by analysis, corrosion rate of up to 9.67mm/years, is a serious corrosion. In the further analysis of the composition of the product, it was found that the chromium content of the important stainless steel index was only 10.03% and 7.1%, which was far below the requirement of 10.5% of the minimum demand for chromium in stainless steel.

In general, the chromium content of more than 10.5% of the iron base alloy is called stainless steel, and the two products its chromium content is far below this lower limit value, the product is not stainless steel.

The market will appear this product, mainly producers of greed, using the common people to the lack of knowledge of stainless steel fraud. It is widely believed that stainless steel is not magnetic, counterfeiters through a large number of use of manganese nickel to change the composition of products, has been a lack of magnetism, cost and extremely inexpensive materials, so as to achieve high profits.

The appearance of the product in the market in circulation with the usual stainless steel difficult to distinguish, at the same time, because there is no magnetism, coupled with illegal dealers to take mixed selling of the trick, to the consumer to distinguish the authenticity of a great difficulty, after use will cause unforeseeable consequences. In addition, this material uses a small amount of nickel, but can not play the role of nickel, is a waste of precious metal behavior, resulting in a certain amount of resources waste.


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