303 Stainless Steel Tubing

303 Stainless Steel Tubing

Name : 303 stainless steel tubing,303 stainless steel tubing,303 stainless steel pipe,303 tubing,303 tubing 303 Stainless Steel tubing belongs to international stainless steel marking method 30 Stainless Steel tubing--s30300 (USA AISI, ASTM) 302 corresponding Chinese brands are Y1cr18ni9...
Product description

303 Stainless Steel Pipe/Tubing


303 Stainless Steel Tubing belongs to International Stainless Steel Marking Method

303 Stainless Steel tubing--s30300 (USA AISI, ASTM)

302 corresponding Chinese brands are Y1cr18ni9

Characteristics and use: Improve the cutting performance, resistance to ablation. Most suitable for automatic lathe, bolt nut.

303 (American Standard)-----y1cr18ni9 (GB)

International Stainless Steel Marking Method

The American Iron and Steel Society uses three digits to mark a variety of standard grade wrought stainless steels. One:

① Austenitic stainless steel with 200 and 300 series of digital indicators,

② Ferrite and martensitic stainless steel are represented in the 400 series. For example, some of the more common austenitic stainless steels

is marked with 303, 304, 316, and 310,

③ Ferritic stainless steel is marked with 430 and 446 and martensitic stainless steel is labeled 410, 420 and 440C

Remember, the dual phase (Austenite-ferrite),

④ Stainless steel, precipitated hardened stainless steel and high alloy with iron content below 50% are usually patented or trademark names.

Numbering and Presentation Methods for Steels

① uses the international chemical element symbol and the national symbol to represent the chemical composition, uses the Arabic letter to represent the constituent content:

Such as: China, Russia 12crni3a

② uses fixed digit numbers to denote steel series or numbers, such as: USA, Japan, 300 series, 400 series, 200 lines;

The ③ uses the Latin alphabet and sequence to form an ordinal, indicating only the purpose.


Stainless Steel Management Theory Weight Calculation Formula

(OD-wall thickness) x wall thickness x 0.02491= Weight per meter (kg)


GA-American Thickness Corresponds to GB thickness

28GA=0.015inches=0.38mm  26GA=0.018inches=0.46mm  24GA=0.024inches=0.61mm  22GA=0.030inches=0.76mm 20GA=0.036inches=1.00mm  18GA=0.048inches=1.25mm  16GA=0.060inches=1.60mm  14GA=0.075inches=2.00mm 12GA=0.105inches=2.70mm


Chemical Composition(%)

C ≤ 0.15

Si ≤ 1.00

Mn ≤ 2.00

P ≤ 0.20

S ≥ 0.15

Cr: 17.00-19.00

Ni: 8.00-10.00303

Application Scope

Petroleum, electronics, Chemical industry, medicine, textile, food, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, military and other industries!


303 is easy to cut stainless steel which contains sulfur and selenium respectively, and is used for occasions where easy cutting and high surface finish are required. 303 stainless steel improves cutting performance and high temperature resistance bonding properties. Most suitable for automatic lathe. Bolts and nuts.

303 Stainless steel is an austenitic shape easy to cut rust-resistant acid steel, in order to improve the performance of the steel, can be added in the steel not more than 0.60 ﹪ molybdenum, can be resistant to ablation, product good cutting and fire resistance. 303 Stainless Steel mechanical properties annealing to stress, tensile 515MPa, yield 205MPa, elongation rate of 40%. Standard hardness of stainless steel 303 HRB 90-100, HRC 20-25, note: HRB100 = HRC20


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