Tube Stainless

Tube Stainless

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Product description

Product Material

201 Stainless Steel Plate (Tube)

202 Stainless Steel Plate (Tube)

301 Stainless Steel Plate (Tube)

304 Stainless Steel Plate (Tube)

321 Stainless Steel Plate (Tube)

316 Stainless Steel Plate (Tube)

310S Stainless Steel Plate (Tube)


Standard Thickness of Stainless Steel Plate

0.1 mm, 0.2 mm,0.3 mm,0.5 mm,0.6 mm,0.7 mm,0.8 mm,0.9 mm,1.0 mm,1.5 mm,2.0 mm,2.5 mm,3.0 mm,5.0 mm,6.0 mm 8.0 mm,9.0 mm,10 mm,12 mm,16 mm,18 mm,20 mm,22 mm,25 mm,30mm


Stainless Steel Pipe Series: (stainless steel pipe, stainless steel seamless pipe, stainless steel decorative pipe, stainless steel has seam tube, stainless steel sanitary tube, stainless steel precision tube, stainless steel capillary)


Stainless steel tube surface has industrial surface, ordinary polishing surface, mirror, drawing surface

① Stainless Steel Pipe Round Pipe Specification



Thickness: 0.1~8.0mm


Tubing: pipe, seamless pipe, industrial pipe, decorative pipe (with seam tube, welded pipe, welded pipe, bright tube, straight seam welded pipe), fluid pipe, hose, polishing tube; The standard specifications of stainless steel tubes are more than 200 kinds, the size of which are all, small tubes are more expensive, especially capillary. The lowest capillary is produced by 304 materials, or the pipe will burst easily. It can also be customized for customers non-standard specifications of the pipe. Seamless pipe is mainly used in industry, the surface is fog, not light. The surface of the seam tube is bright surface, the tube has a very fine welding line, commonly known as welded pipe, mainly used for decorative materials. Another industrial fluid tube, Its resistance to pressure depends on wall thickness. 310 and 310S for high-temperature tube. 1080 degrees below can be used normally, the maximum temperature is 1150 degrees.


Note: l represents low carbon, such as 304L, with a low carbon content of 304. h and S stand for high temperature. such as 310S than 310 high temperature resistance. 304H is more than 304 heat resistant. High Temperature stainless Steel: 902. 904.902L. 904L, its normal use temperature reached 1800-2000 degrees. SS316 is a nuclear material. 316,316L is a marine steel with strong corrosion resistance.

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