Ss Strip Cold Rolled 904L Stainless Steel Strip/Band

Ss Strip Cold Rolled 904L Stainless Steel Strip/Band

904L Stainless Steel Strip Surface: 2B surface, No.1 industrial surface, BA (6K) mirror, 8K mirror, wire drawing, frosting, soft hardness (soft material, hard material): deep drawing soft material; hard materials 1/4H, 1/2H, 3/4H, H, EH, SH; HV 30 - 650 degrees. 904L stainless steel is a kind of...
Product description

904L Stainless Steel Strip


Surface: 2B surface, No.1 industrial surface, BA (6K) mirror, 8K mirror, wire drawing, frosting, soft hardness (soft material, hard material): deep drawing soft material; hard materials 1/4H, 1/2H, 3/4H, H, EH, SH; HV 30 - 650 degrees.


904L stainless steel is a kind of super Austenitic stainless steel material.

Grade 00Cr20Ni25Mo4.5Cu, UNS:N08904, EN:1.4539.


It is a kind of high alloy Austenitic stainless steel with a very low carbon content. Due to its good corrosion resistance in the dilute acid, it is designed especially for the environment with harsh corrosion conditions. With high content of chromium and enough content of nickel, the adding of Cu makes it be of strong acid resistance and high resistance especially for chloride crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking; and corrosion spot and crack are extremely not easy to appear. Its pitting corrosion resistance are a bit superior than other steel type. It has good machinability and weldability. It has no magnetism in solid solution state.


The chemical composition of 904L stainless steel: C≤0.03, Si≤1.00, Mn≤2.00, P≤0.035,S≤0.03, Ni:23.0-25.0, Cr:18.0-20.0, Mo:3.0-4.0, Cu:4.0-5.0


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Processing Property

Like other commonly used Cr-Ni Austenitic steels, it has good cold and hot workability. The maximum heating temperature can reach 1180 degrees centigrade during hot forging and the minimum stop forging temperature is no less than 900 degrees centigrade. The thermal forming of this steel can be molded at 1000--1150℃. The heat treatment process of this steel is 1100--1150℃, quick cooling after heating. While this steel can be welded by the common welding process, the most appropriate welding method is manual arc welding and tungsten insert gas arc welding. When welding plates no more than 6 mm with manual arc welding, the diameter of the electrode is no more than 2.5 mm; when the thickness is greater than 6 mm, the diameter of the welding rod is less than 3.2 mm. When heat treatment is needed after welding, it can be treated after heating at 1075--1125℃ and quickly cooled. The filler metal used in TIG welding can be the welding rods of the same material. The solder seam should be acid washed and passivated after welding.


Corrosion Resistance Performance

904L stainless steel is mainly developed for solving the sulfur corrosion. It can also resist the corrosion of acetic acid at any concentration or any temperature under atmospheric pressure. It has good corrosion resistance in formic acid, phosphoric acid and mixed acid of formic acid and acetic acid. The test results of 904L intergranular corrosion tendency through T method in GB1223-75 shows that, when the steel contains 0.038% carbon, it takes more than an hour’s sensitization to reach grain boundary corrosion. Therefore, even the welding thickness is no more than 30mm, there will be no danger of grain boundary corrosion as long as the welding process is appropriate. Pitting potential measurement and pitting test results show that 904L is superior to low grade Cr-Ni Austenitic steel such as 00Cr18Ni10 and 00Cr18Ni14Mo2.

As the amount of Ni in 904L steel reaches 25%, the stress corrosion resistance is better than that of commom Cr-Ni Austenitic steels. Generally speaking, in the water medium containing chloride ions, when 18-8,18-12-Mo stainless steel have stress corrosion cracking, the selection of 904L can often prevent the accidents occurrence.

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The minimum value of 904L alloy mechanical properties at room temperature: alloy and state: 926, tensile strength (Rm N/mm2): 490, yield strength (RP0.2N/mm2): 216, elongation A5%: 35.

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Stainless steel strips are widely used in industries like chemical industry, construction, bridges, aerospace, mechanical hardware, medical, decoration, medical fitness products, furniture, tableware manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, etc.  


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