Astm Stainless Steel Sheet

Astm Stainless Steel Sheet

astm stainless steel sheet Standard classification The ASTM standard is divided into six categories. (1) Standard test methods (standardized testing method) it is a prescribed procedure for the identification, detection and evaluation of the quality, characteristics and parameters of materials,...
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Standard Classification

(1) Standard test methods (standardized testing method) it is a prescribed procedure for the identification, detection and evaluation of the quality, characteristics and parameters of materials, products, systems or services.

(2) Standard specification it provides technical requirements for materials, products, systems, or projects, as well as specific instructions, and also provides procedures to meet technical requirements.

(3) standard practice (standardized Practice) it gives a description of one or more specific operations or functions, but does not produce test results.

(4) Standard term terminology It describes or defines nouns, symbols, abbreviations and acronyms.

(5) Standard Guide (standardized Guide) it makes a selection or use of a series of instructions, but does not introduce specific implementation methods.

(6) Standard Classification (class. fication) distinguishes and classifies materials, products, systems, or specific services based on its source, composition, performance, or use.

In charge of the ASTM standard-setting process is the ASTM132 Technical Committee and the 2004 technical committees under which there are currently about 35 000 technical members, including the E28 main technical committee for Mechanical Performance Testing (mechanical Testing). and under the following technical committees:

E28. 01 Calibration of mechanical testing equipment and devices

E28. 02 ductility and Bending test

E28. 03 Elasticity

E28. 04 Uniaxial Test

E28. 06 Indentation Hardness Test

E28. 07 Impact test

E28. 10 effects of temperature and stress relaxation

E28. 13 Residual stress test

E28. 14 Strain gauge

E28. 15 Automated Testing

E28. 91 Editions and terminology

In charge of the metallographic Examination (metallography) standard is the E04 main Technical committee, which consists of the following technical committees:

E04. 01 Sample Preparation

E04. 02 Terminology

E04. 03 Optical Microscope

E04. 05 Microhardness

E04. 08 Grain Size

E04. 09 Inclusions

E04. X-ray and electron metallographic

E04. 14 Quantitative Metallographic

Standard Representation

ASTM standards are indicated by standard Code + letter classification code + standard Serial number + year + Standard English name.

(1) After the standard serial number, if with the letter M is the metric unit standard, without the letter M is the English unit standard.

(2) The years after the establishment of parentheses, the period in parentheses indicates the age of standard re validation.

(3) After the establishment of the era of A, B, C. ... .. , the standard revision edition is indicated.

(4) After the establishment of the era of £1, £2, £3. ... .. , the number of times that the standard is edited and not modified by the actual content

(5) The meaning of the letter classification code:

-Ferrous Metal

-Nonferrous Metals

c Cement, ceramics, concrete and masonry materials

d Other materials (petroleum products, fuels, low strength plastics, etc.)

e Miscellaneous (metal chemical analysis, refractory test, nondestructive testing, statistical methods, etc.)

-Special-purpose materials (electronic materials, shockproof materials, medical surgical materials, etc.) corrosion, deterioration and demotion

Standard Publications

ASTM currently has more than 11 000 items in the standard, each year in the ASTM Standard Yearbook of 15 categories (section) (excluding index) 7O volume (Volume) public release. These 15 categories are:


1. Steel Products

2. Metals

3. Metallic test methods and analysis procedures

4. Materials

5. petroleum products, lubricants and mineral fuels

6. Paints, related paints and aromatic compounds

7. Textiles

8. Plastic

9. Rubber

10. Electrical Insulators and electronic products

11. Water and environmental technology

12. Nuclear, solar and geothermal

13. Medical Equipment and Services

14. Instrumentation and general test methods

15. General industrial products, special chemical products and consumables

The third category of "Metal test methods and analytical procedures" is divided into six volumes, which are:

03.01 Metal One mechanical properties test, high temperature and low temperature test. Metallographic

03.02 Abrasion and corrosion, metal corrosion

03.03 Nondestructive Testing

03.04 Magnetic Properties

03.05 Chemical Analysis of metals, minerals and related Materials (1): E32 El724

03.06 Chemical Analysis of metals, minerals and related Materials (2): E172. Molecular spectra, surface analysis

ASTM Metal Mechanical properties and metallographic test standards are published in 03. 01 volumes, partially published in other volumes (such as A370 posted at 01.) 02 volumes).


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