304L Stainless Steel Rod

304L Stainless Steel Rod

304L stainless steel rod Chemical composition% P: ≤ 0.035 S: ≤ 0.03 Cr: 18.0 ~ 20.0 Ni: 8.0 ~ 10.0 Mechanical properties Yield strength (n/mm2) ≥205 Tensile strength ≥520 Elongation (%) ≥40 Hardness hb≤187 hrb≤90 hv≤200 Density 7.93 g·cm-3 Specific Heat c(20℃)0.502 J·(g·C)-1 Thermal conductivity...
Product description

304L Stainless Steel Rod

Chemical Composition(%)

P ≤ 0.035

S ≤ 0.03

Cr: 18.0~20.0

Ni: 8.0~10.0

Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength (N/mm2) ≥205

Tensile Strength ≥520

Elongation (%) ≥40

Hardness HB≤187; HRB≤90; HV ≤ 200

Density: 7.93 g·cm-3

Specific Heat:  c(20℃)0.502 J·(g·C)-1

Thermal Conductivity λ/W(m·℃)-1(at the following temperature/℃)

20 100 500

12.1 16.3 21.4

Coefficient α/(10-6/℃) (/℃ between the following temperatures)

20~100 20~200 20~300 20~400

16.0 16.8 17.5 18.1

Resistivity 0.73 Ω·mm2·m-1

Melting Point 1398~1420℃

Can 304L stainless steel rods be used instead of 304 stainless steel rods?

304L compared with 304, the former carbon content is lower, corrosion resistance and welding performance is more excellent, then from the excellent generation of bad, 304L can replace 304 material use?

304L Stainless steel elements are satisfied with the requirements of 304 stainless steel, even better than 304 stainless steel, it seems that can automatically replace 304 stainless steel use; but from the mechanical properties, 304 stainless steel is significantly higher than 304L stainless steel, if the 304L stainless steel to replace 304 stainless steel, will result in insufficient strength.

In addition, if the container is used for manufacturing purposes, GB is otherwise specified: Austenitic stainless steel with a temperature of more than 525 ℃, the carbon content of steel should not be less than 0.04%.

Therefore, the view that 304L stainless steel can be used instead of 304 stainless steel is wrong and can be used in connection with the use of the occasion.


Although the substitution of materials can be simply understood as "thin, to excellent generation inferior", but if according to the actual working conditions, taking into account processing, welding, corrosion, pressure and heat treatment and other factors, in the substitution of the time can not be simply applied, must consider carefully, to the views of the design department prevail.


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