Stainless Steel Pipe for Drinking Water

Stainless Steel Pipe for Drinking Water

stainless steel pipe for drinking water Stainless steel pipe for drinking water most are thin-walled steel tubes. Stainless steel pipe for drinking water in the use of water supply, with safety and health of the scale, long life, environmental protection can be 100% recovery, resistant to harsh...
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Stainless Steel Pipe for Drinking Water

Stainless steel pipe for drinking water most are thin-walled steel tubes.

Stainless steel pipe for drinking water in the use of water supply, with safety and health of the scale, long life, environmental protection can be 100% recovery, resistant to harsh corrosion, resistance to external shocks and drawing. Mainly stainless steel chromium elements in the aerobic environment will be formed on the surface of chromium oxide protective film, even if the mechanical damage can be rapidly regenerated.



Inner wall finish is high, long-term use is not easy to scale, completely meet the hygienic standard of drinking water.


The whole tube is treated by solid solution, the surface pickling passivation, durable. It is better to add insulation layer or corrosion resistant layer.

High Strength

The comprehensive strength is galvanized pipe twice times, the copper tube 3 times times, the highest can withstand 10Mpa of water pressure.


The weight is galvanized pipe 1/3, particularly suitable for high-rise building piping.

Low Conduction

Low heat conduction, 1/4 of copper tube, low thermal expansion rate.

Environmental protection: The construction site no pollution, non-polluting environment, renewable 100%.


Life expectancy of 70 years, and construction life synchronization, life without replacement maintenance, low maintenance costs.


Not easy to leak, save water resources.


High-grade generous, pipeline can be installed dark. The addition of insulation layer or corrosion resistant layer can have different colors.

Connection mode

The stainless steel pipe connection Way is various, the common pipe type has the compression type, the card pressure type, the clamp type, the live connection type flange link, the socket welding type, the traditional welding type, the wire buckle and so on series connection way. But what is the best way to connect? The performance of these connections is analyzed in terms of cost, construction and reliability.

ⅰ. Welding Type

Welding type connection is the best sealing, stability of the best connection, but the stainless steel pipe welding has its unique characteristics, to different stainless steel materials to implement different welding methods and different materials of the electrode, stainless steel electrode must be based on the base material and working conditions (including working temperature and contact media, etc.) to choose, This makes it possible to achieve the desired weld quality. At the same time, the welding process requirements are very high, welding with nitrogen to protect, after welding to do the protection of the weld, otherwise it will easily lead to leakage welding stainless steel welding, intergranular corrosion resistance, corrosion cracking and other problems caused by leakage. Welding connection not only requires high cost, pipe wall thickness of stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings, and argon arc welding speed is not high, so the whole pipeline system construction speed is slow, difficult, the overall price is high.

ⅱ.Card Pressure Type

The thin-walled stainless steel card pressure type generally divides into the single card pressure, the double sim pressure, the annulus pressure these three kinds of connection way. At present, the internationally accepted best form of crimping structure-dual-SIM pressure structure, it rejects the wire buckle, welding, bonding and welding and other forms of connection, with the construction of fast and convenient, safe and reliable, pipeline corrosion resistance and other advantages. Dual-SIM pressure connected pipe fittings equipped with O-type silicone seal ring, it begins and ends water action, because the seal ring hidden in the groove, not easy to loose, simple and reliable construction. On the whole, dual-card pressure from the health level, connection strength, reasonable price and other aspects can meet the needs of different customers, is the preferred way to connect home decoration.

ⅲ. Compression Type

The compression type fittings connection way and the silk fastener connection Way is similar, therefore the entire pipeline installment, the disassembly is more convenient. But it differs from the wire fastener, because it is also by the O-shaped rubber seal ring start and start water, at the same time the pipe fittings to the connection between the port, fastening and sealing has a very large role, so the requirements of the performance of the pipe fittings, precision is relatively high, while the diameter of the wire fastener pipe width and weight, so The overall cost of the piping system of the compression-type connection is relatively high.


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