416 Stainless Steel Flat Bar

416 Stainless Steel Flat Bar

416 Stainless steel flat bar Chemical composition C:≤0.15 Mn:≤1.25 Si:≤1.00 Cr:12.0~14.0 Ni:Allow nickel containing less than or equal to 0.6% P:≤0.06 S:≤0.15 Mo:Molybdenum may be added less than or equal to 0.6% 1.416 Stainless steel flat bar is SUS416, is the standard of the Japanese...
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416 Stainless Steel Flat Bar Chemical Composition

C ≤ 0.15

Mn ≤ 1.25

Si ≤ 1.00

Cr: 12.0~14.0

Ni: Allow nickel containing less than or equal to 0.6%

P ≤ 0.06

S ≤ 0.15

Mo: Molybdenum may be added less than or equal to 0.6%


1.416 Stainless steel flat bar is SUS416, is the standard of the Japanese martensitic stainless steel, chemical composition and mechanical properties of the equivalent of GB Y1Cr13. High carbon content, can be heat treatment, the highest hardness can reach Rockwell hardness HRC50.

2. Martensitic stainless steel refers to the use of heat treatment can adjust its mechanical properties of stainless steel, popularly said, is a class of hardened stainless steel, the typical brand is Cr13 type. High hardness after quenching, different tempering temperature has different strong and toughness combination, mainly used in steam turbine blades, tableware, surgical instruments.

3. Standard martensitic stainless steel includes 403, 410, 414, 416,416(Se), 420, 431, 440A, 440B and 440C type, magnetic and corrosion resistant.

4. Austenitic stainless steel Heat treatment process

This type of stainless steel also chromium as the main alloying elements (including chromium 10~18%), carbon in the 0.08~1.2% range, most do not contain nickel, individual containing a small amount of nickel (2.5%).

Martensitic stainless steel heat treatment generally has the following several processes:

1, annealing-hot-rolled after hardening due to rapid cooling, in order to soften the treatment, increase ductility, need to be annealed. Annealing temperature is 850~9200℃, the furnace is cold to 6000℃, then the air cold is called complete annealing, generally in the hood furnace. Annealing temperature is 620~7800℃, and then the air cooling is called process annealing, which is generally carried out in a continuous furnace.

2, quenching-martensitic stainless steel through high-temperature quench can be very high hardness, its quenching temperature is 925~10650℃, oil quenching or air cooling. In order to eliminate the internal stress after quenching, stress annealing and tempering are generally needed. But this treatment is generally used for flat bars and mechanical parts, and steel strips and plates are rarely treated like this.


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