303 Stainless Steel Flat Bar

303 Stainless Steel Flat Bar

Chemical composition (%): Si :≤1.00 Mn :≤2.00 S :≥0.15 Cr :17.00-19.00 Ni :8.00-10.00 Mo :≤0.06 303 Stainless steel flat bar Performance tensile Strength σb (MPa)≥520, Conditional yield strength σ0.2(MPa)≥205, Hardness: ≤187HB;≤90HRB;≤200HV 303 Stainless steel flat bar classification: 1. cold...
Product description

Chemical Composition (%)

Si ≤ 1.00

Mn ≤ 2.00

S ≥ 0.15

Cr: 17.00~19.00

Ni: 8.00~10.00

Mo ≤ 0.06

303 Stainless Steel Flat Bar Performance

Tensile Strength σb (MPa) ≥ 520

Conditional Yield Strength σ0.2(MPa) ≥ 205

Hardness: ≤187HB; ≤90HRB; ≤200HV

303 Stainless Steel Flat Bar Classification

1. cold drawn polished 303 Stainless steel flat bar

2. hot rolled acid white sandblasted 303 Stainless steel flat bar

The Main Applications of Stainless Steel

stainless steel can be made a variety of diverse stress components based on different structure needs, components connection pieces; widely used in multiple kinds of architectural and engineering structures, such as house beams, bridges, power transmission towers, hoisting and conveying machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reactor column, container frame and warehouse shelves, etc.

Kinds & Specifications

Mainly the stainless steel can be divided into two categories as equilateral and scalene types, in which the specification of square steel can be stated with dimension of side length and edge thickness length. The current domestic specifications is 3mm*20m - 150mm.

The import and export orders usually give priority to the specifications requested in using; its steel grade is correspondingly the carbon steel grade. That is, apart from the standard grades, there is no specific composition and performance series.

The delivery length of 303 Stainless steel flat bar can be divided into two kinds: fixed length and double length. According to the different specifications, domestic selection range of fixed length is 3 - 9m, 4 - 12M. The Length selection range of Japanese made fixed length is 6-15m.

Import & Export Situation

We have a certain volume both for importation and exportation. We mainly import from Japan ans Western Europe. We mainly export to HongKong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Arabia countries. The exportation production enterprises are mainly in Jiangsu, Liaoning, Hebei, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin.

The Requirements on Appearance Quality

Provisions of 303 Stainless steel flat bar surface quality stipulates that generally there may not be harmful defects in using, such as delamination, scarring, crack and so on.

The allowable range of geometric deviations is also specified in the standard, which generally includes camber, edge width, edge thickness, vertex angle, theoretical weight, etc., also significant torsion is requested.

Chemical Composition Inspection

(1)Composition Inspection: the chemical composition of the 303 Stainless steel flat bar belongs to the rolling steel series for general structure use. The main inspection indexes are C, Mn, P, S these four items. According to the grade difference, the content of these elements are different as well. The approximate range: C<0.08%, Mn: 2.0, P<0.035%, S<0.03%.

(2)Inspection Method: when inspecting the above chemical composition, our frequently used standard inspection method are GB223、JISG1211—1215、BS1837、BShandbook19、ГОСТ22536,  etc. 

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