430 Stainless Steel Coil

430 Stainless Steel Coil

430 stainless steel coil Chemical composition of 430 stainless steel coil C:≤0.12 Si:≤0.75 Mn :≤1.00 P:≤0.040 S:≤0.030 Ni:≤0.60 Cr:16.00~18.00 Mo:2.00-3.00 Performance Tensile strength σb(MPa):≥450 Conditions yield strength σ0.2(MPa):≥205 Elongation rate δ5(%):≥22 Shrinkage Rate of section:ψ...
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430 Stainless Steel Coil

Chemical Composition of 430 Stainless Steel Coil

C ≤ 0.12

Si ≤ 0.75

Mn ≤ 1.00

P ≤ 0.040

S ≤ 0.030

Ni ≤ 0.60

Cr: 16.00~18.00

Mo: 2.00~3.00


Tensile Strength σb(MPa) ≥ 450

Conditions Yield Strength σ0.2(MPa) ≥ 205

Elongation rate δ5(%) ≥ 22

Shrinkage Rate of section ψ (%) ≥ 50

Hardness ≤ 183HB

Density: 7.7g/cm³;

Melting Point: 1427 ℃

Coefficient of expansion: m/m℃(at 20-100℃)

430 The use of stainless iron in automobiles, tractors and other industries widely used.

430 stainless steel is a good corrosion resistance and general steel, thermal conductivity than austenite, thermal expansion coefficient Biot's body small, heat fatigue, add stable element ti, weld site mechanical properties. Used for building decoration, fuel burner parts, household appliances, home appliances components. 430F is a steel with easy cutting properties on 430. For automatic lathes, bolts and nuts. 430LX in 430 steel to add ti or NB, reduce C content, improve the processing performance and welding performance. It is used in hot water tank, heat supply system, sanitary appliance, household durable appliance, bicycle flywheel.

430 Stainless steel belt: thin steel plate, also called coil. Hot-rolled, cold-rolled and high-quality steel belt. More Kinds! Wide use! Have: 2B, BA, 8K stainless steel belt. Thickness: 0.02mm-2.5mm, Width: 3.5mm-1550mm, can do not calibrate!

Silicon steel thin coil with grain orientation

Grain oriented silicon steel coil also known as the telecommunications industry with 430 cold-rolled silicon steel coil, is used to manufacture the operating frequency of more than 400Hz of various power transformers, pulse transformers, amplifier, converters and other iron cores with a grain-oriented structure of thickness not greater than 0.20mm of silicon steel thin coil.



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