410 Stainless Steel Bar

410 Stainless Steel Bar

Chemical composition C:≤0.15 Mn:≤1.00 Si:≤1.00 Cr:11.5~13.50 Ni:≤0.75 P:≤0.04 S:≤0.03 410 weight calculation formula for stainless bars: Radius x radius x3.14x7.9/1000000 = weight Stainless Steel Application : Custody: In custody should pay attention to moisture, dust, oil, lubricants and so on,...
Product description

Chemical Composition

C ≤ 0.15

Mn ≤ 1.00

Si ≤ 1.00

Cr: 11.5~13.50

Ni ≤ 0.75

P ≤ 0.04

S ≤ 0.03

410 weight calculation formula for stainless bars: 

Radius x radius x3.14x7.9/1000000 = weight

Stainless Steel Application


Main Use Cases


Main application

Automotive industry

Exterior Parts


MIRROR(Mirror    material)

Hot Parts

Further grinding




Knife class

Decorative materials inside and    outside the building


Deep drawing processing(DDQ)

window, door material

DRAWING(General    stretching)

Chemical Equipment



Boilers, Tank


Chemical furnaces

Kitchen equipment

Washing tank(SINK)General    tensile material(High    surface requirements)

Chemical Equipment Parts

Gas stove-high surface requirements

General Purpose

RWROLL(For    Steel rolling)

Refrigerator (Freezer liner)

High hardness

Electrical Appliances

Washing machine, Drying Machine

Processing use


Market circulation

Electronic components (non-magnetic)

Special purpose

Steel Works

Decorative Tube

Transportation Equipment


Construction Pipe (Industrial)

Railway vehicles

Platoon works.

Maintenance and transportation of stainless steel


In custody should pay attention to moisture, dust, oil, lubricants and so on, as well as surface rust, or poor corrosion resistance of welding.

When immersed in water between the foil and the substrate, the corrosion rate is faster than that of the film without the foil. The warehouse should be kept in a clean, dry and easy ventilated place, to maintain the original packaging status, the film should be coated stainless steel to avoid direct light, the film should be periodically checked, if the film deterioration (film Life 6 months) should be replaced immediately, add pad paper when the packaging material soaked, to prevent surface corrosion should be immediately removed pad paper.

Transport in order to avoid scratches on the surface of rubber or sleepers, as far as possible using stainless steel to protect the special wood, in order to avoid fingerprints pbaruced by the surface pollution, the operation should be with gloves.

Stainless Steel Care and Rust Prevention Knowledge

The Causes of Stainless Steel Rust 

1. Stainless steel surface accumulation with other metallic elements of the dust or dissimilar metal particles of the attachment, in the humid air, the attachment and the condensation between the stainless steel, the two connected into a micro-battery, triggering the electrochemical reaction, the protective film is damaged, called electrochemical corrosion.

2. Stainless steel surface adhesion organic juice (such as melon, noodle soup, phlegm, etc.), in the case of water and oxygen, constitute organic acids, long time organic acid on the surface of the metal corrosion.

3. Stainless steel surface adhesion containing acid, alkali, salt substances (such as the decoration of the wall of alkali water, lime splash), causing local corrosion.

4. In polluted air (such as a large amount of sulfide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide atmosphere), in the case of condensed water, the formation of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid liquid point, causing chemical corrosion.

The above conditions can cause corrosion of stainless steel surface protective film.

To ensure that the metal surface is permanently shiny and not corbared, we recommend that:

1. The decorative stainless steel surface must be cleaned and scrubbed regularly, removing attachments and eliminating extraneous factors that cause modification.

2. The coastal area should use 316 material stainless steel, 316 material can resist the seawater corrosion.


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