316 Stainless Steel Bar

316 Stainless Steel Bar

Components C: ≤ 0.07, Si: ≤ 1.0, Mn: ≤ 2.0, Cr: 17.0 ~ 19.0, Ni: 8.0 ~ 11.0, S: ≤ 0.03, P: ≤ 0.035. 316L stainless steel and 316 stainless steel are not the same material. The difference is that: The composition is different Mainly refers to the difference between carbon content. 316 Material...
Product description

Components of 316 Stainless Steel 

C ≤ 0.07

Si ≤ 1.0

Mn ≤ 2.0

Cr: 17.0 ~ 19.0

Ni: 8.0 ~ 11.0

S ≤ 0.03

P ≤ 0.035

Differences between 316L Stainless Steel and 316 Stainless Steel 


Mainly refers to the difference between carbon content. 316 Material Stainless steel tube: c≤0.08316, it also has good and chloride erosion performance, so it is usually used in the marine environment, and 316L stainless steel tube: c≤0.03, can be used for welding can not be annealed and the need for maximum corrosion resistance of the use. It is clear that 316L carbon content is low, 316L of this "L" means lowcarbon, is low carbon.


Due to the low carbon content of 316L stainless steel tube, it is more than 316 stainless steel withdrawal said: Not easy brittle crack, toughness is better, so 316L processing and welding is better than 316 material. Under the same conditions, corrosion resistance is stronger than 316.


Because the 316L carbon content is low, is advantageous for the welding, the 316L stainless steel tube price is more expensive than 316 stainless steel tube.

Stainless Steel Round Bar 316 also known as marine grade, provides corrosion and pitting resistance in more aggressive environments, making it ideal for applications involving salt water, acidic chemicals, or chloride containing media. Stainless 316 is also commonly used in the food and pharmacy industry where it is required to minimize metallic contamination.


superior corrosion/oxidation resistance, withstands chemical and high-saline environments, excellent weight-bearing properties, superior durability, high strength-to-weight ratio,  fair resistance to thermal and electrical conductivity, ease of fabrication, ease of cleaning, hardenable by cold working, and non-magnetic.

Common Usage

concrete footings, piers, walls, beams, columns, supports, braces, railings, handles, ornamental work

316 Stainless Steel Round is an austenitic chromium nickel steel round bar containing molybdenum which provides superior corrosion resistance and increased strength at elevated temperatures when compared to 304 Stainless. Widely known as a food grade stainless or marine grade, 316 Stainless is ideally suited for corrosion resistance against a wide range of chemical and acidic corrodents, and marine environment applications. Typical uses of 316 Stainless include food production, pharmaceutical equipment, furnace parts, heat exchangers, valves and pumps, chemical equipment, and parts for marine use. Primarily offered in a lower carbon, dual grade 316/316L for increased machinability and added corrosion resistance when welded.

316 Stainless is moderate to weld, cut, form and machine with the proper equipment. Metals Depot stocks a wide size assortment of 316 Stainless Steel Round Bars that you can buy online in ready to ship precut or mill lengths or order just what you need custom cut to size in small or large quantity.


T316/316L; ASTM A276, A479, A580; AMS 5648 / 5653; QQS-763


mill shiny finish, smooth surface, not polished

Mechanical Properties 

Yield Point = 35/30,000 psi

Tensile Strength = 80/75,000 psi

Elongation in 2" = 60%, Elasticity = 28 ksi

Brinell Hardness = 170/160

Machinabilty Rate = 45%

Available Stock Lengths

2FT, 4FT, 6FT, 12FT

Stock lengths may vary +/- 1/4"

Chemical Properties 

Chrome: 16.00-18.00, Nickel: 10.00-14.00,

Carbon: .08 Max / .03 Max

Manganese: 2.00 Max,

Silicon: 1.00 Max.

Molybdenum: 2.00-3.00

How to Measure 

Diameter (A) X Length

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