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Tisco Nickel-based Heat-resistant Alloy For Mass Production
Oct 23, 2018

Industrialization item of nickel-based alloy heat-resistant steels for boilers of Tisco power station, the thermal load test was successfully in August 2017.Now it is in the production phase, and owns several batches of goods contract.

Nickel-based heat-resistant alloys are widely used as a new type of material in the aerospace and chemical industry and other fields, has excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature and oxidation resistance, high-tech, highly additiveand difficult production characteristics, most of our current reliance import.

Tisco in accordance with the construction of a resource-based economic transformation and development demonstration zone in Shanxi Province, to build the energy revolution Pioneer, the construction of inland areas to open up new heights requirements, vigorously promote independent innovation, to power station boiler nickel-based alloy materials as a breakthrough, starting from 2015 to research and development, related technology is maturing.

In 2017, the ether Steel profile factory was established as the main body of nickel-based heat-resistant alloy high-tech Industrialization Project department. The members of the Department worked together to promote the spirit of hard work. It takes only 9 months to successfully complete the construction installation and production of the first nickel-based heat-resistant alloy steel ingot, which marks the occurrence of Tisco in the nickel-based alloy material research production to reach the domestic advanced level.The implementation of the project further optimizes the junction of TISCO , the high-tech content of the product, effectively easing China's import dependence on high-end nickel-based alloy products to meet the major projects of the nation's livelihood, the high quality nickel demand for base alloys.

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