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Stainless Steel Scratches
Oct 20, 2017

In order to prevent the process lubricant or product and / or dirt from accumulating, it is necessary to mechanically clean the scratches and other rough surfaces with stainless steel special polishing machines. If the stainless steel is heated in the air to a certain high temperature during the welding or grinding process, both sides of the weld, the lower surface and the bottom of the weld will appear chromium oxide thermal recovery color.

The thermal recovery color is thinner than the oxidation protection film and is clearly visible. The color depends on the thickness, can be seen rainbow color, blue, purple to light yellow and brown. Thicker oxides are generally black. It is due to high temperature or long time at a higher degree due to stay. When any such oxide layer is present, the chromium content of the metal surface is lowered, resulting in a decrease in the corrosion resistance of these areas. In this case, not only to eliminate the thermal tempering color and other oxide layer, but also the lower chromium metal layer below them to clean up.

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