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Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet
Dec 11, 2017

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet


Stainless steel cabinet, simply speaking, the cabinet made by stainless steel. It revolves from the stainless steel kitchenware in the hotel canteens. The concept and formation of home stainless steel kitchenware is slightly later than the wooden cabinet. It probably formed in the end of 1990s and it is very popular among certain ranges. The causes can be two: the first is its strong modern metal style, which is very popular among people who ardently love the modern fashion; secondly, the wood cupboards are prone to have damped caused corrosion and crack; the stainless steel can make up for the defects of the wooden cabinet. Therefore the stainless steel kitchenware which earlier only appeared in hotel restaurants and canteens now has been introduced into the line of home cabinet industry. The stainless steel cabinet reveals the feature of  strong postmodern characteristics. When plates of delicious food comes out of such kitchen, it gives people feeling of precision and delicacy. The designs of the stainless steel cabinets are simple straight line, horizontal and vertical, without unnecessary decoration lines, which creates a sense of space openness. In such main atmosphere, water sink, cooker and smoker can be secluded embedded and feels naturally whole. In order to prevent the noise when opening and closing the base cabinet and wall cupboard, silencers will be installed in these places so that you can enjoy the quiet cooking time. Stainless steel cabinets can be combined; all components can be freely installed and combined. The surface of stainless steel table is very avant-garde and its glittering look shows cleanliness. It shines like a new one after many days’ using. It touched cool and it also eases the feeling of hot fumigation and impatience in the cooking process. The ability to resist bacteria regeneration of stainless steel ranks first in all the kitchen cabinet tables.



The stainless steel cupboard is integrated and will never crack;

it is environmentally friendly;it is not made of epoxy resin and has no natural granite radiation;

The integration of basin, plate and table makes the whole table very good; there is no gap and bacteria is hard to breed.

It has heat resistance;hot pot with hot food will not affect the table.

It has good anti permeability; when the sauce of soup is sprinkled on the table, the trace can be wiped easily.

Stainless steel has strong resistance to impact and high hardness.

Easy to wash. Scrubbing with cleanser essence soaked wet cloth can make the stainless steel table look bright and clean.

Unlike tables of other materials, its gloss will not fade; when the wood cabinet is to be replaced, it will cause secondary pollution; but the stainless steel cabinet has no such trouble and it can also be reclaimed.

Generally, the material of stainless steel cabinet should conform to the national food grade safety certification. In normal condition, the stainless steel surface is passivated under normal condition and the chemical properties are very stable. So it is safe to use.



It looks hard and visually make people feel cold. There is no reasonable and effective treatment for the corner parts and joint parts of the cabinet table. There is no trace of redemption when the table is scratched by a sharp weapon. Dirty things are easy to hide in these fine scratches and we must pay extra attention to wiping in normal times. 

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