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Stainless Steel Industry Development
Oct 20, 2017

China's stainless steel industry development progress later, since the founding of the reform and opening up, China's demand for stainless steel is mainly based on industrial and national defense-based use. After the reform and opening up, the rapid development of the national economy, the people's living standards improved significantly, pulling the demand for stainless steel. Into the 90s of last century, China's stainless steel industry into a period of rapid development, the demand for stainless steel growth rate is much higher than the global level. Since 1990, the apparent consumption of stainless steel in the world to an average annual growth rate of 6%, and 90 years of 10 years, China's apparent consumption of stainless steel is the world average annual growth rate of 2.9 times. Into the 21st century, China's rapid growth of stainless steel industry. China's stainless steel industry in the raw materials of chromium and nickel in foreign countries is the oversupply, and in China is the situation in short supply; stainless steel is overcapacity, oversupply, profit margins fluctuate frequently. With the increasing competition in the stainless steel industry, mergers and acquisitions between large-scale stainless steel production enterprises and the increasingly frequent capital operation, domestic outstanding stainless steel production enterprises more and more attention to the industry market research, especially for enterprise development environment and customer demand trends In-depth study. Because of this, a large number of domestic outstanding stainless steel brand quickly rise, and gradually become the stainless steel industry leader!

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