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Stainless Steel Canopy
Nov 29, 2017

Stainless Steel Canopy


Stainless steel canopy beam is quality cross-section of H steel, with toughened glass attached to the tie rod. The using of glass is fashionable, generous and transparent in appearance. It is usually used in the front doors of enterprises or shopping malls. The main features are durable and wear resistant, strong rust resistance, beautiful appearance and imposing, etc. The tarpaulin material of the glass is armoured glass. Its structure is simple, transparent, beautiful.


Glass Material

a. Toughened glass: it refers to the further safety disposal after the glass toughening and glue two pieces of glass together. The glass will not splatter to people when it breaks down and therefore it is safe.

b. Sun plate: mainly made of PC/PET/PMMA/PP material; widely used in all kinds of architectural lighting roofs and interior decoration;

c. PC stamina: it is made from high performance engineering plastics, polycarbonate(PC); suitable for interior and exterior decoration of commercial buildings and curtain walls in modern urban buildings;


Features and Functions

1. wide using range and small occupied space

2. simple and nice; good visual effect

3. moderate price and popular to vast majority of customers


Application Range

Suitable for main doors of enterprises or shopping malls. Mainly used in places like companies, commercial buildings, public places and other places.


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