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How To Get The Magnetic Properties Of 304 Stainless Steel Castings
Oct 20, 2017

1, the chemical composition of the equivalent component control is not in place.

The general manufacturer in order to reduce the cost of Ni control lower limit, 8.0-8.2%, Cr / Ni reached a certain value when the steel organization appears a certain amount of ferrite, ferrite is magnetic; this time using 1050 ~ 1080 ℃ solution treatment can be completely dissolved into the austenite ferrite will not have a magnetic.

2, cold work hardening.

When the austenitic stainless steel in the cold processing to produce deformation martensite, deformation of martensite makes the strength of stainless steel increases, and deformation of martensite is magnetic. The use of solution treatment or even annealing can make the deformation of martensite disappear, but the strength of steel will drop.

If you want to ensure that the cold processing strength, but also weak magnetic or even non-magnetic magnetic demagnetization can be used below:

1, according to the principle of phase diagram, reduce the Cr / Ni value, especially to improve the Ni, Mn content to the upper limit. Cold processing before the upper limit of the solution treatment, in ensuring the premise of the surface under the control of grain size 4; can reduce the cold after the magnetic.

2, generally 304 cold processing have a certain weak magnetic. After the beat or other impact, so that the austenite structure into martensite, this time there will be a certain magnetic. Heated to 1050 degrees, and then water quenching cold, can eliminate the magnetic.

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