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H Type Stainless Steel
Jan 09, 2018

H type steel is a kind of economic section efficient structural section with more optimized section area allocation and more reasonable weight ratio. Its cross section is named after the letter “H”. Since each part of H - shaped steel is arranged at right angles, H type steel has the advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost saving and light structural weight in all directions.



Its section configuration is similar to the economic section shaped like the capital Latin letter H. It is also called universal steel beam, wide edge I-beam or parallel flange I-beam. The cross section of H type steel generally usually includes two parts of web and flange, also referred to as waist and side.



Due to the advantages above, the H type stainless steel can be widely applied in areas like: all kinds of civil and industrial building structure; a variety of large span industrial workshop and modern high-rise buildings, especially industrial plants in the frequent seismic activity area and high temperature working conditions; bearing capacity of large section, good stability, large span bridge; heavy equipment; expressway; ship skeleton; mine support; and dam foundation treatment engineering; various components of the machine.

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