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Fine Quality Stainless Steel Soap
Nov 16, 2017

Stainless Steel Soap

The deodorizing principle of stainless steel soap is basically decomposed. When the stainless steel alloy simultaneously contacts with air and water molecules, the catalyst action will be produced to decompose the molecular structure of odor and restore to a tasteless state. After the friction between special polished matte surface of stainless steel and the objects, the released iron ions will combine with the odor molecules to remove the odor.

Stainless steel soap is usually half put into the water, half exposed to the air. It takes 5 to 6 hours before its first use.The effective use time can last for 3 to 5 years.


Operation Principle

It is understood that, the invention of stainless steel soap comes from an unconscious inspiration. The engineers in the stainless steel factories found that when washing their heavy oil contaminated hands with stainless steel parts, the peculiar smell can be effectively removed.

The traditional way to eliminate the odor is to cover, such as aromatic agent. It is basically using  another flavor to cover the smell which can not really eliminate the odor; adsorption deodorant  can no longer play a role after saturation a period of time.   

People know that no odor will appear when cutting with knives made of stainless steel;   whether cutting garlic or onions, the smell will not stay on the knives. Test shows that, it can remove averagely about 80% onion flavor, fishy smell and garlic flavor on hands if washing for 30 seconds in cold water with several stainless steel soaps of good quality grades; if there is dirty oil on your hands, 3 minutes washing will reduce the concentration of oil odor to 15% of its original and only 10% will be left after 9 minutes.


Using Method

1. Rub the hands with steel soap and rinse with live water for 30-60 seconds. Remove all kinds of odors without any detergent;

2. Wrap the stainless steel soap with towel (or half immersed in water bowl) can also be used as refrigerator deodorant or placed in kitchen and bathroom to remove the odor;

3. Note: please do not burn, boiled water scald, violently dismantle or make direct tableware friction, etc. You can wrap it with a wet towel to scrub the tableware or half soaking it with tableware for a period of time, then washed by running water, the odor on the tableware is then removed.

4. It can absorb and dispose formaldehyde and other toxic gas molecules. Half soaking it in the water bowl and put it in the renovated room.  

5. It can remove the strange smell of pet nest, half immersing the stainless steel soap in the water bowl and place near the pet nest;

6. It can remove underarm odor, wrap it in wet bath towel wet and scrub the body;

7. It can remove foot odor, wrap it in wet bath towel wet and scrub the feet;

8. It can remove most peculiar smell including medicine taste, disinfection water flavor, banknote flavor, gasoline flavor, diesel flavor, etc. The using method can be referred to the above information. It must be used with water.  


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