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The Hardness of Stainless Steel
Nov 06, 2017

The Hardness of Stainless Steel


The hardness of stainless steel pipe is commonly measured by the three hardness indexes of Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers.


Brinell Hardness

In the stainless steel pipe standard, Brinell hardness is the most widely used one. Intuitive and convenient, indentation diameter is often used to represent the material hardness. But it is not applicable for harder or thinner steel pipes.


Rockwell Hardness

Like the Brinell hardness test of stainless steel, the Rockwell Hardness test also uses indentation test. The difference is that it measures the depth of indentation. Currently Rockwell hardness test is a widely used method. In the stainless steel pipe standard, HRC is used second only to Brinell hardness HB. Rockwell hardness can be applied to the determination of metal materials from very soft to very hard. It makes up for Brinell and it is more simpler. The hardness value can be read directly from the dial of hardness machine. However, because of its small indentation, its hardness measurement is not as accurate as Brinell method.


Vickers Hardness

Rockwell Hardness test is also a kind of indentation test method for stainless steel tube. It can be used for determination of thin metal materials and surface layer hardness. It has the main advantages of Brinell, Rockwell method and overcomes the shortcomings of these two. But it is not convenient as Rockwell method. So it is rarely used in the stainless steel standards.


Hardness Testing

For annealed stainless steel pipe, inner diameter more than 6.0mm, wall thickness below 13mm, W-B75 webster hardness test can be used. Its test is very fast, simple, suitable for rapid and nondestructive inspection of stainless steel pipe. For stainless steel pipes, inner diameter more than 30mm, wall thickness more than 1.2mm, Rockwell hardness tester was used to test the HRB, HRC hardness. For stainless steel tubes, inner diameter more than 30mm, wall thickness less than 1.2mm, Rockwell hardness tester was used to test the HRT, HRN hardness. When the inner diameter of stainless steel tube is more than 26mm, Rockwell or Surface Rockwell Hardness Tester can be used to test the hardness of inner pipe wall.


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