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Stainless Steel Floor Drain
Dec 25, 2017

Stainless Steel Floor Drain

Main Function: Drainage, deodorization, mosquito repellent


The Characteristic of Stainless Steel Floor Drain

It drains the ground surface water, which quality is very bad and contains solids, fibers, hair and easy sediments. It is different from the zinc alloy, copper and other materials. It has its unique characteristics. It is of good quality and it has comparatively favorable price. It has many grades like 304, 201 and other types. The price level is moderate and it can meet the needs of customers of different levels.


Main functions of floor drain 

1. Drainage

2. Seal

3. Deodorization

4. prevent combustible gas from entering the room and prevent it from being in the bud

5. anti mosquitoes



1. Excellent Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel Floor Drain

The tensile strength of materials made by stainless steel is more than 530N/mm, which is twice as much as that of galvanized tube, 3-4 times of that of copper tube and 8-10 times of that of PPR tube. It has good ductility and toughness.

2. Excellent Wear Resistance

Stainless steel floor drain pipe can withstand the erosion of water flow of high speed up to 30 m/s. It is used in the diversion stainless steel pipe of high water head power station. The water velocity at the end of the pipe is more than 60 m/s. Its service life can be more than 100 years.

3. Excellent Corrosion Resistance

The thin and dense chromium-rich oxide film on the surface makes stainless steel pipes have good corrosion resistance in all water quality including soft water. It has good corrosion resistance even buried underground.

4. Good Temperature Resistance

Stainless steel tube can work safely for a long time at a temperature range of -270 ℃ - 400℃. It will not precipitate harmful substances no matter the temperature is low or high. Its material performance is quite stable.

5. Smooth inner wall with small water resistance

The sanitary grade stainless steel water pipe has smooth inner wall and very small water resistance. The water resistance is only 2/5 of the carbon steel pipe when in low flow rate. Therefore the pressure loss and transportation cost are reduced. It is not easy to be polluted by bacteria and does not scale .

6. Good Thermal Insulation Performance

The insulation performance of the stainless steel drain pipe is 24 times that of the copper tube. It reduces the heat loss and is especially suitable for the hot water transportation.

7. Good Safety and Health Performance

Our stainless steel material is safe, lead-free, free of corrosion and extravasate, no odour or turbid problem. It will not cause secondary pollution to the water quality.

8.100% recyclable

It will not cause environmental pollution. It is good for sustainable development. Even the stainless steel waste has great economic value.

9. Beautiful, Clean, Fashionable

It can be used for improving the grade of the city buildings , being capable of being arranged in a clear way or in a concealed manner. It can also be in use when buried underground.

10. Good for Saving Water Resources

The high strength of stainless steel floor drain pipe greatly reduces the possibility of leakage under the influence of external force. Also the leakage rate of water is significantly reduced. The water resources are effectively protected and utilized.

11 . Wide Application Range

It can be used for cold and hot water projects in home decoration and high grade villa decoration; municipal water supply pipe network, pipeline direct drinking water, hot water conveying, middle and high grade building water supply , heating water pipe for heating, steam pipe and outdoor high speed in severe cold area , urban fire fighting water supply , pump house, etc.


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