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Medical Stainless Steel
Dec 11, 2017

Medical Stainless Steel

(18-10): made of +18% chromium +10% nickel to make it more durable and has more corrosion resistance, with no precipitation of metal ions; this stainless steel is called 18-10 stainless steel. Because of its durable and complete nature, it is mainly used in the manufacture of medical instruments and tableware.



The general composition of stainless steel are iron, chromium, carbon and other elements.

2 series: martensite+ manganese alloy; 3 series: austenite + nickel alloy, 4 series: ferrite + carbon alloy

The household stainless steel products can be classified as 4 series and 3 series. 430(18-0), 304(18-8), 316(18-10) three classes. The number in the front means the chromium content , and the number back means nickel content.

430 stainless steel(18-0): ferrite+chromium more than 18%+ no nickel, prevents the oxidation caused by natural elements. The 430 stainless steel might have the situation of oxidation(rust) because of non-natural elements after a period of not using. The 4 series belongs to the carbon contained stainless steel; the hardness is higher than 2 series and 3 series; the rust resistance is lower than 3 series; its processing is difficult and its stretching is easy to break.

304 stainless steel(18-8): ferrite+18% chromium+8% nickel, it can resist chemical oxidation. 304 is the stainless steel is the material used according to the national pressure cooker standard. The standard material of the stainless steel pressure pot is 304 and more advanced materials.

(18-10): with the increasing of chemical composition in the air, many advanced products are made with chromium of more than 18% and nickel more than 10%; so it is more durable and corrosion resistant, completely without metal ions precipitation; this kind of stainless steel is called 18-10 stainless steel.

The above are non-toxic stainless steel or standard credit grade stainless steel material.

201(nickel content 2%, contains Phosphorus and Manganese, moderate precipitation), with magnetism.

202(nickel content 4%, contains Phosphorus and Manganese, mild precipitation), with almost no magnetism.



Medical stainless steel wire

Medical stainless steel bar

Medical stainless steel tube


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