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Difference between pickling passivatio solution and passivation solution for stainless steel
Aug 30, 2018

Stainless steel Pickling passivation solution is mainly pickling and passivation of the two in one, by pickling the product surface of the oxide peel off and re-form a layer of passivation protective film, pickling passivation will change the color of the product to form silvery white, with the effect of passivation and cleaning. Passivation solution: passivation solution is mainly to the product antirust treatment, put the product into the passivation solution inside to soak the product surface will form a layer of chemical passivation film, do not change the color of the product, is a kind of natural passivation antirust performance is very strong. The difference between the two: pickling passivation solution will change the color of the product, there is the role of cleaning and anti-rust, passivation solution does not change the color of the product is the natural passivation,  rust-proof performance better than acid pickling passivation.

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