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Colored Stainless Steel Plate
Dec 11, 2017

Colored Stainless Steel Plate

Nowadays colored stainless steel plate has wider applications then ever before. Not only does it has the particular luster and strength of the metal, but also it has rich and durable color. The colored stainless steel plate has physical, chemical and mechanics properties as raw stainless steel itself and has higher corrosion performance than that of raw stainless steel.  




Classification by Techniques

a. electroplating

Electroplating: process of adhesion of metal film on the surface of metal or other material by electrolysis. It can work out as preventing corrosion and improving wear resistance, conductivity, reflectivity and beauty.

b. water plating

the processing technique of conducting reduction reaction of metal ions in water solution, in which the metal ions are continuously reduced to the auto-catalytic surface with no reliance on the external power supply, forming the metal plating layer.


It means that the fluorocarbon is the main film forming material; also known as fluorocarbon, fluorine and fluoro resin.

d. spray paint

The paint is paint sprayed with compressed air in a fog shape on the stainless steel plate forming different kinds of colors .


Classification by the surface effect


Mirror surface plate(8K), wire drawing plate(LH),sanding plate, figure plate, sandblasting board, etch plate, embossing board, composite board (composite plate)


Colored stainless steel mirror surface plate. Polish the stainless steel plate surface through the polishing equipment with grinding fluid so that the luminosity of the panel is as clear as the mirror, and then the color is plated. 8K plate is also called mirror surface plate.

Colored stainless steel wire drawing plate


LH, also called hairline, because its grain is thin, long and straight like the hair. The filamentous texture of its surface is a kind of processing technique of stainless steel. The surface is sub-optical. But the trace of texture can be seen if carefully but can’t be felt. It is more wear resistant than the stainless steel with bright surface and looks superior. Hairline plates have many kinds of patterns , including hairline(HL), snowflake stripe(No.4)and stripes(cross stripes), etc. All the lines are processed by the oil polishing machine as required, and then get electroplated to color.

colored stainless steel sanding plate


The sand blasting plate is processed through mechanical equipment with zirconium beads on the stainless steel plates so that the surface of the board is the surface with fine bead grainy sand surface and form the unique decoration effect. Then conduct the electroplating to color.


Colored stainless steel combination craft plate

According to the processing requirements, integrate various processes such as polishing, coating, etching, and sandblasting to the same sheet surface for combination craft process and then color electroplating.


Color stainless steel striped plate

Striped plates, wire drawing plates, etc all belongs to the sand blasting boards.


Color stainless steel etching plate

Classification by Color

Black gold (black Ti), jewel blue, titanium gold, coffee, tea, purple, bronze, rose gold, titanium white, emerald green, green, champagne, bronze, zirconium, gold, brown, rose gold, etc.


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