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Characteristics of Stainless Steel Strips
Nov 15, 2017

Characteristics of Stainless Steel Strips

316L stainless steel strips: 316 stainless steel contains molybdenum and has low carbon content. Its pitting corrosion resistance in the marine and chemical industry environment is better than that of 304 stainless steel. (316L low carbon, 316N containing nitrogen and has high strength, 316F stainless steel containing high sulfur, stainless steel easy to cut).

304L stainless steel strips: as low carbon steel 304, under general situations, its corrosion resistance is similar to that of 304. But after welding or eliminating stress, its anti intergranular corrosion ability is  excellent. Under the circumstances of no heat treatment, it can maintain good corrosion resistance as well.

304 stainless steel strips: it has good corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties,good thermal processing like  punching, bending,etc. No heat treatment hardening phenomenon. Usages: tableware, kitchen cabinet, boiler, auto parts, medical equipment, building materials, food industry (using temperature:-196℃-700℃)

310 stainless steel strips: the main characteristics are high temperature resistance. generally used in the boiler, automobile exhaust pipe. Other properties are ordinary.

303 stainless steel strips: adding a small amount of sulfur and phosphorus to make it earlier to cut than 304. Other properties are similar to that of 304.

302 stainless steel strips: 302 stainless steel rods are widely used in auto parts, aviation, aerospace hardware tools, chemical. The details are as follows: crafts, bearing, slide flower, medical equipment, electrical appliances and so on. Characteristics: 302 stainless steel ball belongs to Austenitic steel, close to 304, but the hardness of 302 is higher, HRC ≤28. It has good rust and corrosion resistance.

301 stainless steel strips: good ductility, used for forming products. It can also be rapidly hardened by machining. It has good weldability. Its abrasion resistance and fatigue strength is better than that of 304 stainless steel.

202 stainless steel strips: belongs to the chromium-nickel-manganese Austenitic stainless steel, its performance better than that of 201 stainless steel.

201 stainless steel strips: belongs to the chromium-nickel-manganese Austenitic stainless steel, low magnetism.


410 stainless steel strips: belongs to Martensite (high strength chromium steel), good wear resistance, poor corrosion resistance.

420 stainless steel strips: "cutting class" Martensitic steel, similar to the earliest stainless steel, Brandt's high-chromium steel. It can also be made as surgical tools and be very bright.


430 stainless steel strips: ferritic stainless steel, for decorative use, for example applied in automotive jewelry. Good formability, but comparatively poor temperature tolerance and corrosion resistance. 

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